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Trust Settlement

Trust Settlement Assistance In Western Pennsylvania

I have been working with clients for more than 43 years, handling estate plans, probate cases, and the settlement of trusts.

When you enlist the services of D'Onofrio Law Office, P.C., you can rest assured that I will keep your best interests in mind. When you create a trust to protect your personal assets and property, it can still be a difficult matter to settle.

Most trusts in Pennsylvania will not be required to go through probate, allowing your family and loved ones to avoid costly, time-consuming court proceedings. However, there are still legal hurdles that must be cleared to properly and legally settle the trust estate. Not only do I work with clients to create an effective trust for their family's future finances, but I also have the experience to effectively settle the trust.

What Does It Mean To Settle A Trust?

When your property is protected in a trust, it is legally bound to the terms and provisions of that trust. This means that your family or loved ones will need to follow the specific terms of your trust before they can distribute or receive any finances. A trust will not typically require any court involvement, which can be very beneficial to those involved. While this is true, you will still need to enlist the services of a skilled lawyer to help settle the trust efficiently.

A trustee cannot settle a trust immediately and will be required to follow several legal regulations, including the administration of the trust, before settling it. There are a variety of options your loved one might have used such as revocable living trusts, life insurance trusts or irrevocable trusts. Each trust has different requirements and complex processes that will need to be followed.

Settling a trust often involves the following:

∙ Sending an official notice to all trust beneficiaries that they have been named in the trust

∙ Publishing Legal Notices in the Legal Journal and newspaper of mass-circulation

∙ Closing out bank accounts

∙ Collecting assets

∙ Paying real estate and income taxes

∙ Repaying creditors

∙ Preparing and filing the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax form and paying the inheritance taxes

∙ Distributing the assets

Experienced Legal Support For The Pittsburgh Metro Area

Whether an individual elects a lawyer or a loved one to be the trustee of their assets, it's important to have a skilled attorney guiding them through the process. If a loved one has recently passed, leaving you as the trustee, or if you want to designate a lawyer to settle your trust when you pass away, D'Onofrio Law Office, P.C., can help.

My law office is committed to providing clients with the services they need to protect their property, ensuring it falls into the right hands after their death. In the case of a serious accident, you may be unable to make decisions about your trust or finances. I can also provide services for settling a trust for a disabled individual. I will work with you to handle every aspect of trust settlement, including the administration process.

If you want to ensure that your loved one's trust is handled properly and adheres to federal and state laws upon their death, contact my law office online or call 412-928-2068 today and schedule a complimentary initial consultation.


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