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How to Navigate The Guardianship Process 

God has blessed Attorney D'Onofrio's law practice, as such John has chosen to give back by providing FREE Guardianship legal services to the special needs community.

Once an incapacitated person attains the age of 18 in Pennsylvania, they are deemed legally emancipated. This means that they are considered to be an adult and will be allowed to make their own decisions, regardless of disability issues. Therefore, their safety may be at risk if they are not capable of making wise decisions regarding health and financial issues. In this situation, it's practical for the child's parents or a family member to petition the court to be appointed as a guardian. This means that they will be looking after the loved one with special needs, as well as their estate.

If your special needs child is now considered an adult in Pennsylvania, don't wait any longer to petition the court for guardianship. Hiring a Pittsburgh estate planning attorney who services the western Pennsylvania area can be very important for your case's success. At my law office, I understand how difficult it can be for families of a special needs love one to pay for court expenses and attorney fees.

God has blessed Attorney D'Onofrio's law practice, as such John has chosen to give back by providing FREE Guardianship legal services to the special needs community.

When you meet  with me to begin the legal process of gaining guardianship, I will review your special needs child's social services documents and guardianship questionnaire. Any legal research that must be performed for your specific case will be handled in a timely and efficient manner. Once I have reviewed any social service reports, school reports, doctor's and/or psychiatrist's reports, as well as reviewed the information which you provided to me in the guardianship questionnaire, I will file the guardianship petition and the remaining ancillary documents as required.

I understand the different elements needed to secure guardianship for parents, relatives or other appropriate parties. I offer a wide range of services, including: preparation and service all of the required notices, ensuring all interested parties are aware of the guardianship petition and of any scheduled hearings.

When it comes to scheduling a hearing with the court, I will file the petition and other documents needed to secure a date as soon as possible.

Once you have been appointed as guardian, you will need to file an inventory of all of the assets titled to the alleged incapacitated person with the court, including subsequent annual accountings of their estate and of their person.

Filing all these forms in a timely matter is very important to ensure the continuation of your appointment as guardian. It will also be necessary for me to procure the special needs person's primary care physician's Expert Report and file it with the Court.

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