Health Care Directives - Living Wills in Pittsburgh and in Western Pennsylvania


If you are injured or suffer an illness restricting you from making conscious decisions about your healthcare treatment, someone will have to make them for you. When you draft an estate plan, you can create a health care directive  (also known as a living will) that dictates the type of treatments you'd like to receive and who should be overseeing your care. This document makes it possible for a health care agent to decide on matters you may not have addressed. They will have the final deciding power on your medical care, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment.

While creating an estate plan to protect your property is beneficial to your family, leaving a plan for your appointed health care agent is also important as it is beneficial to you! You can trust your wishes are being followed when you leave a direct and clear map as to how you want to be cared for. It also allows your family to be at peace with the final decisions of your treatment, knowing that they won't have to debate amongst themselves.

When you have signed a living will prior to your needing medical assistance of any nature, it creates a better opportunity for you to receive the treatment you need, while eliminating stress for your family.


If you are no longer able to make your own decisions about treatment, your designated health care agent will be responsible for doing so. If you feel strongly against certain treatments or believe some procedures to be unethical, it is vital that you include these details in your living will. Your living will can include any healthcare declarations you want.

If you would prefer to exclude all life-prolonging treatments, your living will can designate that as well. You may also want to specify what type of palliative care you wish to receive. Even if you elect to exclude life-prolonging treatments, you can still receive palliative care to alleviate your pain. This will allow you to pass peacefully, while experiencing a natural death. This allows a patient to enjoy the last moments of life, rather than pursuing potential cures and prolonging the timing of death.

If you do not include specified preferences, your health care agent will be able to select what type of treatment or care you receive. This relative, family member, or friend should be someone who you can depend on and trust to adhere to your final wishes.

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