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Attorney D'Onofrio has been a licensed attorney for 34 plus years and is currently licensed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. In 2010 Attorney D'Onofrio was awarded the Jefferson Award, a prestigious national recognition system founded by the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, honoring community and public service in America. He was featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for achieving this honor.


  • Over 34 years of experience
  • Academy of Special Needs Planners (member)
  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (member)
  • Offers discounted services for special needs families
  • Regular speaker at special needs and estate planning seminars

At the onset of his career, Attorney D'Onofrio was a law clerk at the international law firm of Fulbright and Jaworski in the firm's Houston, Texas headquarters where he was mentored by the late Leon Jaworski. A partner in the firm, Leon Jaworski served as Chief of the Trial Section of the War Crimes Branch of the Judge Advocate General's Department during World War II. He was also Assistant to the Attorney General of the United States in the 1963 civil rights case involving James Meredith's admission to the University of Mississippi, and then as Watergate Special Prosecutor, 1973-74.

Following his clerkship with Fulbright and Jaworski, Attorney D'Onofrio was an intern with the Harris County, Texas District Attorney's Office in Houston where Attorney D'Onofrio served first in the Misdemeanor Division of the District Attorney's Office presenting 40+ cases per day for plea bargains, hearings, and trials. Eventually Attorney D'Onofrio was transferred to the Grand Jury Division where he presented 850+ cases to the Harris County Grand Jury.


In 1985, after a brief stay in Brussels, Belgium where he self-studied international law, Attorney D'Onofrio opened his own law office in Houston, Texas as a private practitioner.

When he first commenced the private practice of law, Attorney D'Onofrio handled criminal cases, personal injury cases, bankruptcy cases, and estate and probate matters. While practicing in Houston, Attorney D'Onofrio had the distinction of being the attorney of record for Charles M. Hall in the-then largest individual bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Attorney D'Onofrio successfully assisted Mr. Hall, an oil man and entrepreneur, in discharging $149 Million in personal debt. The case was finalized in July 1987.

After sustaining injuries in an accident in 1987, Attorney D'Onofrio moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to be closer to his family while undergoing speech and physical therapy for his accident injuries.

Upon moving to Pennsylvania, Attorney D'Onofrio suspended his license to practice law in Texas and became licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Attorney D'Onofrio is also licensed to practice in Federal Court.

Attorney D'Onofrio now limits his practice of law to estate planning, asset protection, elder care law, special needs planning, trust administration and settlement, and probate administration.

Attorney D'Onofrio is a regular speaker at Special Needs Planning and estate planning seminars.

Attorney D'Onofrio incorporated his practice in 2010 and his law office is now known as D'Onofrio Law Office, P.C.

The various organizations that Attorney D'Onofrio is a member of is inclusive of:

  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Christian Legal Society
  • Academy of Special Needs Planners
  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

Attorney D'Onofrio graduated with a B.A. from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania and a J.D. from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. John D'Onofrio is the former President of Good Shepherd Legal Foundation. The services that John provided on behalf of Good Shepherd Legal Foundation were featured in Allegheny West Magazine.

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