Asset Protection in Pittsburgh and Western PA

Shield your assets from creditors' claims & lawsuits!

I work with countless clients who need proper asset protection. The goal of asset protection is to create a shield to guard your property from creditors, including your home, life savings, automobiles, or business assets. When you enlist my services, I will help you structure your assets efficiently, ensuring that they are safeguarded from future threats. When you include an asset protection trust in your estate plan, you are providing another shield of protection for your loved ones.

My goal is not to fraudulently hide your assets, but effectively guard them. I examine each client's situation, determining what type of protection they need according to their unique situation. After I review your financial situation and personal and business affairs, I will discuss potential options and protection plans with you, ensuring that your objectives are being met.

I help clients who are naturally targets of lawsuits, including:

  • Obstetricians
  • Surgeons
  • CPAs
  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate developers
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Property owners

When creditors threaten your personal assets, which may include stocks, bonds and other investments, you will want to have a plan to fight back. D'Onofrio Law Office, P.C. is committed to helping clients create asset protections that allow them to live in peace. Not only can they depend on the legal protection of their investments, but they won't have to worry about their home or car being seized. Don't wait any longer to create a shield for your personal assets; contact my office today.

When an Asset Protection Trust Makes Sense

There are a variety of legal structures within an asset protection trust. The main function of a trust is to organize your financial affairs in a safe legal entity. This means that your assets will be in protected forms of ownerships, rather than an unprotected one. Even revocable living trusts may not be able to properly protect your assets any longer, which is why it's important to continually update your estate plan.

Some methods can be used to turn your property into exempt assets. However, exemptions may not be effective for all types of creditors. You would not be exempt from paying child support, federal tax liens or state tax liens. I will review all the details of your property and finances to ensure that you are pursuing the most beneficial trust for your situation. The main goal of an asset protection trust is to keep creditors away from your estate.

Contact a Moon Township Estate Planning Lawyer

I will help you establish a strong plan for your asset protection, ensuring that creditors avoid battling with you for your shielded assets. It works to discourage litigation, providing you with the security you need to live in peace. No matter what type of property or assets you want to protect, I have the experience to create a plan for your protection. Contact me today to start discussing your specific case. I offer individuals a complimentary initial consultation, helping them to begin their protection plan as soon as possible.