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Do you need an estate plan?

Do you need an estate plan? Yes, absolutely. Everyone can benefit from having an estate plan, and this is especially the case for individuals who are married, who have children, who own a business, or who have any measurable assets such as a home, life insurance, retirement accounts, and cash in bank accounts.

I have been a licensed attorney for over three decades and am experienced in creating estate plans for clients ranging from young couples with few assets to wealthy business owners and professionals. I will advise you on the best strategy for your estate plan based on your needs, goals, and objectives. Once I know about you and your family-and business, where appropriate-I can make certain you have the proper, most current legal documents to fit your individual circumstances.

Changing Beneficiary Designations

It's a good idea to review your estate plan every two to three years to see if your estate plan still makes sense, given changing circumstances. Have you married or divorced? Have you re-married and your new spouse has children of his/her own? Has your income or business grown substantially? Have you had children? These are common life changes that may signal a need to change terms in your current will or trust.

My services include the following:

Shielding Your Assets from Creditors & Lawsuits

Once I know more about your specific situation, I will make the appropriate recommendations for other estate planning documents suitable to your needs. When you are facing threats to your home, car, and investments, it can be a scary time. Having an asset protection plan for your property allows you to live in peace. Anything you own that is of some monetary value might be seized by creditors or courts.

An asset protection trust may be able to provide you with the control you would need to prevent your assets from being seized. Whether you want to protect your personal property or your business, I am prepared to help you create an effective plan for the future.

Advanced Estate Planning

Once I am fully aware of your needs, goals, and objectives and I have met with you and discussed with you all aspects of your current living situation and business affairs, I will be better informed to devise a proper estate plan for you. This plan may consist of many of the items listed above without limiting our imagination or desire to see you and your loved ones properly protected.

Whether you want to designate someone to pay your bills, manage your affairs, or consult with your medical care providers if you become incapacitated, I can help you draft the plan that you will need. If you have a larger estate with more difficult problems associated with your lifestyle and business affairs, I can help you with the plan suitable to your situation.

If you would like more information on how my legal expertise might benefit your situation, visit my FAQ page or contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you!