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As a Moon Township estate planning attorney and founder of the D'Onofrio Law Office, I have over 30 years of experience helping the residents of Moon Township and all throughout Allegheny County. I am passionate about helping people and always strive to serve my clients professionally and in a timely manner. Since estate planning is an ongoing process which may require amendments and changes as life circumstances change for my clients, I often build long-lasting relationships with my clients which I strongly value.

Estate planning is a process which involves planning for the distribution of one's assets upon their death. With a solid estate plan, you can maximize the value of your estate, while reducing taxes as much as possible. The beauty of a well-crafted estate plan is that is allows you flexibility and control while you're still alive and once you pass, it ensures that your assets and personal belongings go to whom you want, when you want.

Without an estate plan, your hard-earned assets are distributed according to the state's intestate succession laws (dying without a will), which may not be the way that you would have wanted.

I Represent Personal Representatives in Probate

Whether you need assistance creating a solid estate plan that will ensure you are well-taken care of during retirement, and that won't drain your savings for long-term care, and that will pass down a legacy to you loved ones, or if you are an executor of an estate and need assistance with probate administration, I am here to lend you my knowledge, insight and guidance. I also assist clients with creating asset protection plans that can protect them from creditors and unforeseeable lawsuits.

One special area of my practice has to do with special needs planning. If you have a disabled son or daughter, I can help you establish a special needs trust. Such trusts are very important for families with a special needs child, for they ensure that the child is well taken care of without sacrificing their much needed government benefits. As a member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners, I am continuously learning more about this field as the area evolves. I can also assist you with guardianship matters.

An estate plan will often involve creating:

Since all of these are effective tools, it's important that we sit down and address your specific situation, family dynamics and long-term goals. An estate plan should always be a part of your overall financial plan and it can ensure that your family has the financial security that they deserve.

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My commitment to client satisfaction and offering affordable legal services earned my office a solid reputation in the community. In 2010, I was graciously awarded with the Jefferson Award, which was established by Jackie Kennedy. This is a national recognition system honoring those who have given their time to community and public service.

When you enlist my services, you can be rest assured that I will address your concerns and work hard to find effective solutions. Contact me at the D'Onofrio Law Office, P.C. today to get started planning for your future.